Cut Videos Automatically

A new-generation, advanced A.I. powered online video cutter. Designed to break down your footage into usable video material in seconds.

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Cutting made simple by Artificial Intelligence

Automatically cut and extract usable moments for further editing in your favourite video editing software.


Break down

Nova will automatically break down your video by your selected parameters.



Pick the best moments and export to your favourite VES.



Use the time you saved to create more stunning videos.

Quick video cutter tutorial

cut your videos automatically with nova

An irreplaceable cutting tool for video creatives.

 This web app comes in handy when you want to upgrade the slow scissors of your favourite video editing software.

 Powerful A.I. video break down technology makes other video cutters look like toys. Simply set the desired parameters and cut your clips automatically. Export your clips for further use on any of your favourite VES.

Start cutting with Nova now!

Forget the rusty old scissors. Cut automatically – save time.



Upload, analyze, export. As simple as that.



1 hour of content analysed in 10 minutes.



Allowing you more time to stay creative.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nova

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Nova A.I. works perfectly with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve and Avid video editing software. No installation needed.

Unfortunately, at the moment you cannot cut or trim the timeline the traditional way, as Nova is not a standalone platform. You can only export your selected clips to other video editing software and control your cuts in there.

Nonetheless the developer team is working hard to build tools that allow you more control over your clips within the platform. Watch out for upcoming updates.

Nova A.I. does not cut videos with traditional cutting scissors / knife like other video editing platforms do.

Nova will breakdown footage into video clips pieces that can be exported directly to your favourite VES.

“Make A Clip” button automatically generates clips based on your selected clips, cuts and labels.

Apart from randomised and linear clip order, you currently don’t have control over the order of the scenes in your generated clip.

However the developers are working hard on features to give you more control over your video overall. Let’s look out for updates soon!

Video Cutter – usually refers to the traditional scissor or knife tool on VES. With cutters you can basically cut up your video timeline precisely at whatever time you want.

Video Trimmer – Usually refers to a tool that allows you to edit the duration of your video by adjusting both ends of the timeline.

Video Cropper – Usually refers to a tool that allows you to adjust the visual size of the video, the aspect ratio or remove the unwanted visual edges on the image itself. Usually you’re cropping the aspect ratio of your video display to, for example, make it square (1:1) or 4:3 etc. This has nothing to do with the timeline.

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