A.I. powered video management tools

Take full control over the platform. Customize the intelligent video tools to better fit your management needs.

Disney is using Nova for video recognition
DPG media uses nova for image and audio recognition
DR media uses Nova for Video And Audio Recognition Technology
Myz is using nova for video analysis
NBCUniversal is using nova for video annotation
Nordic Entertainment is using nova for video logging
Nova is using Nova for celebrity recognition
NPO is using nova for video cloud storage
RSI using nova for automatic video analysis
svt is using nova for automatic transcriptions
TNT media is using nova for automatic subtitles

Intelligent Video Utility Tools

Nova A.I. provides a variety custom tools to help you maintain your video libraries.



Tailor your analysis preferences.



Edit Nova’s labelling system for better results.



Use Nova’s deep learning technology.



Edit your video intelligence.



Find and remove unwanted content.

custom analysis tools
intelligent video management systems

Manage analysis tools.

 Nova understands that every video professional has different needs, so it allows you to choose the right analysis devices to better use your video content management budget and exceed your strategy.

 Only available for enterprise plans.


Control the search engine.

 Create custom labels and templates to take your search to the next level. Nova understands that every project has different search needs, therefore offering you capability to tailor the tools accordingly.

 Get better results by customizing your tools.


Nova's Deep learning tech.

 Nova’s deep learning technology allows users to teach the platform to recognize new faces. If you have a non-celebrity person appearing in your video it’s extremely beneficial for Nova to learn their face, so you can locate it within your entire library instantly.

Simply upload a picture of them and Nova will learn its data points. Name the face and that’s about it. You are now able to find a friend, a colleague or whomever else you might be looking for.


Take control of transcriptions and subtitles.

If the need arises, you can always edit the transcriptions that Nova has automatically laid out for you. All performed within the platform. Just find the transcription box on your video editing dashboard and select the pencil button on the desired phrase box. Then type away.

If you prefer to edit the transcription with an external text editing software, export your subtitles as an .srt file and open it with any other text editor.

add and edit subtitles to your video

Find and remove explicit content.

 Use Nova’s “Moderated Labels” panel to find explicit content within your video. Nova is able to detect alcohol, strong language, nudity, violence, drugs etc.

 Utilise your video content for audiences of all age.

Take full control over intelligent video management.

Personalise your video utility tools and master your video individually.



Customize Nova’s tools to meet your content management strategy



Analyze, control and maintain your video content with personalised parameters.



Improve your management quality and master your video data.

Speed Up

Improve your video workflows. Speed up and increase your video output.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nova

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Video utility software is designed to help to analyze, index, control or maintain your video content.

 Nova’s analysis consists of 8 different analysis devices.  

Shots – breaks down your video by camera angle and cuts.
Facial Attributes – breaks down your video by facial expressions, attributes and head accessories.
Celebrities – breaks down your video by the scenes when certain celebrities appear.
Collections – breaks down your video by custom non-celebrity people.
Objects & Activities – breaks down your video by various objects and activities within your video.
Transcript – breaks down your video by speech.
Moderated Labels – breaks down your content by explicit content.

Explicit content is categorised as adult content. References to violence, alcohol, nudity, sexual connotations etc.

With Nova you can group together various types of labels to teach Nova to detect complex scenes within your content. 

If we put together labels like “Kissing” + “Holding Hands” + “Dancing” we can then categorize all these 3 labels as a single “Romance” label.  
Then when we select “Romance” label, Nova will search your content by the 3 labels you’ve grouped together.

Nova supports the two main image formats: PNG and JPEG.

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